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I <3 cheesecake. Especially chocolate raspberry truffle. Too good. So, I've been lagging again on my updates. I'll have to combine my last few lessons and practices. The past couple practices have been really good. It's intimidating when I get there because the other beginners haven't been there so it's just been me and a few other more advanced adult skaters. They have us do crossovers when we start class, so they easily go around in circles while I struggle. It's been advantageous being the only beginner though because they split you up in groups based on ability. So, I've been by myself for the past couple of weeks with one of the coaches. One on one! Without having to pay a private lesson fee. Pretty sweet. We've mainly been working on my crossovers and I can definitely see the improvement. I practiced last Thursday and she could tell that I had improved since the last time that we had met. She also corrected the scraping/sliding effect I was getting when I would cross my foot over. My inside foot wasn't enough on an outside edge. It's really difficult to get on that edge because you have to lean very far to the left (if you're doing right foot over left foot) without falling. And while extending your outside leg to the side. Very challenging for me right now. I practiced yesterday though, and I'm starting to get a rhythm and a better feel for how it's supposed to go. I can't wait to do them fast. I'll be whipping around the rink. I've been trying to work on my back crossovers too, but those are more slow going right now.

In other news, Bob and I are going up to visit my Dad this weekend for the holiday. Should be interesting. We're also visiting my grandparents. Woo woo. Kay I should stop eating cheesecake now ;/
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So, I've just spent the last four hours reading every single post from the past five years. Fucking crazy. And time consuming. It's pretty neat that I have all of these events recorded that I would definitely have forgotten over time. It's also crazy how you can be so close with someone at one point in your life and then be complete strangers with them later on. I don't know how I really feel about that. I tried going to the rink today to practice, but there was this huge ymca type group of kids there going buckwild on the ice. Damn kids. Damn summertime. Go to summer school for Gods sake! heh. I tried practicing my crossovers, but there wasn't enough ice for me to even do a small circle. Kids were falling all over the place, not watching where they were going, screaming.....I sound like a crotchety old lady. I guess I am in some way. I rarely go out or live the life of a young 20 something year old anymore. I'm okay with it though because being in love and completely satisfied with your significant other makes up for the rest of it. And I'm not really sure if that other type of life style is even for me anyways. I think I have outgrown it. Outgrown "it" and the type of people that frequent those trendy/dive bars. I'm super glad that I'm not 30 and trying to fit in.

Since I have rarely updated in the past two years, maybe I should try and bring my lj up to speed? I'm still with Bob, the guy who I started dating two Marches ago. We're really happy and such a good match for each other. He's basically my best friend as well as my bf. bf +bff?? haha. We moved in together this past March into a 1 br apartment in University Heights. He had lived in Kensington with his roommate/bf mark prior and I had lived in a studio by myself in Hillcrest. It was an awesome studio (minus the couple cockroaches I had last summer), but I found myself basically living at his kensington apartment and missing him a lot when I would decide to sleep at my own place because it was a bitch to shlep my schoolstuff/clothes back and forth. Plus, we're in love. Living together has been pretty good because we communicate pretty well, so it's been a lot of fun. I am graduating with a bachelor's degree in Music next May, which gives me a year in school left. I'm pretty excited, but scared shitless because I don't know where that's going to lead me. I'm trying to think of job ideas, but it's slow coming. I was scared of finishing school a couple of years ago, but it's hitting me even harder now. I'm gripped with the idea of getting a decent job that's going to pay the rent/other bills and that will also provide me with a life that I can be comfortable with. It's a scary road. My mom keeps feeding me this positive "everything will turn out okay" but it's hard to believe when I don't have much of a plan yet...

to be cont.

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I kind of dropped the ball on posting every lessson or practice that I was going to have. ooops I'm lazy. Well, let's see.....

I got my new skates in the mail!!! I can not even explain the joy I felt when they arrived. I ordered them the Friday of Memorial day weekend, so I wasn't expecting to get them for a week even through it was 4 day shipping. I got them on the next Tuesday! I'm still breaking them in, but they feel so much better than the rentals. I have to lace up until the next to lace hooks in order to get the crease on top. I feel like I can "feel" the ice so much better now. The toe pick is larger though, so that's definitely something to get used to. I still occasionally trip on the toe pick. The blades are also sharper so it's harder to do the snowplow stop.

Now, on to my lessons and practices:

Two lessons ago-I was the only one who showed up for the first five minutes of it at least on a Wednesday night. That was pretty awesome because I got some individualized attention. It gave me a taste as to what private lessons are all about. She had me do some forward stroking. She really wanted me to push out hard from my back leg, while of course keeping my arms out to my sides. She had me to forward swizzles, which I'm pretty good at now. I kind of cheat though I guess because she really made me bring my toes all the way together. The other girl (who is my age) then arrived. She made us do backward swizzles which, as always, were more challenging for me. They were easy for me at first, but then more difficult when I got to the slopey part of the ice. She told me to not lean forwards or backwards but to keep your weight shifted right above my knee, and that has really helped in terms of being able to go faster. Using the inside edges are also key. She asked us what we wanted to do next, and I suggested forward crossovers because I had only learned it once. We did those for a little bit but then quit. She had us do the snowplow stop, but I found that I couldn't do them now because my blades were no longer dull and slippery on the ice. It's frustrating because my blades still won't go out. She asked if we had done backwards crossovers, which we hadn't, so she had us do some two foot spins. Now, I had done these once before and they had been easy, but now I had a more difficult time not turning and getting stuck on my toe pick. We also tried to do it the batting way where you get into batting position with your weight on your left foot and your right and left arms clasped together as if you're holding a bat. That way is too hard for me because I'll swing my arms around, but then my body won't spin all the way around. I don't get enough momentum.

Last lesson: This time I got there and all I saw were these advanced adults doing their crossovers all spectacularly.eek. A coach approached me and told me to get in their circle, but in the inside one where all of the more inexperienced skaters were. We did our crossovers, but I felt very unsure because I had only done them 2x before. They then split us into two groups. My group started off with basic forward stroking like in previous lessons. This coach suggested pushing out a little bit to the side. I was glad when she said that because I do that naturally. I can do forward stroking pretty well, but I have a hard time holding my leg out in an extended position. They had us do backward swizzles, and then they had us to backward half swizzles followed by a lifting of the opposite foot to your knee. So, it's basically a half swizzle backwards one foot glide combination. The half swizzles were challenging and the coach suggested that I use the inside edge and put some weight on that side as well. I could then do the half swizzle, but by the time I put my foot up I had no more momentum. This was a pre-exercise to the back crossovers. We practiced our forward crossovers (r/l and l/r)and I could do those okay, but as soon as I crossed my foot over the forward gliding had stopped. I have to figure out why I don't have that much momentum. Backwards crossovers were difficult at first, but I got the hang of them after a while. I didn't really master any of the crossovers that well to be honest, and it was a little annoying when a more talented guy in our group was doing them very fluidly. Oh well, hopefully it'll click soon.

I'm going to get ice cream (after alllllll this exercise..makes no sense...), but I'll update on how practices have been going later.

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So,my practice was really amazing because skating felt so natural and I got this amazing high from being there out on the ice by myself. (Well, almost by myself). Unfortunately, my lesson the next day happened to be really awful. This time , I was joined by that 16 yr old boy and this other 13 year old hockey male. I tried doing my one foot snowplow stops for coach M, but my rental skates were not fitting right and didn't seem to want to behave properly. It was so frustrating because those stops were so easy just the day before. He kept trying to get me to practice them and he repeatedly said that I leaned too much in the wrong direction. You're supposed to put all of your weight in the opposite direction of the foot that slides out and essentially stops you. One of the times I tried to do the stop I ended up stopping completely, but then I suddenly feel backwards. Luckily, I fell on my right butt cheek instead of my head or tailbone but I also fell pretty hard on my right hand. The coach was behind me the whole time stopping me, but he stepped aside after i stopped and was completely surprised that I fell. Me too! I ended up leaving the lesson dejected especially since my boyfriend and his bf were watching in the bench area. I ended up skipping the next lesson the following week because of busyness, but I was able to practice one afternoon. There were more people on the ice and I felt pretty self-conscious especially when this young teen glided into the rink doing perfect crossovers/stroking and practicing her jumps. They were singles, but I was jealous none the less. Much more than I can do.

My next lesson was actually this past Wednesday, and it was much more fun thank god. There were actually "adults" in the class with two of them being middle aged. There were four of us,and this time the coach was female. She has us start off with basic things like stroking forward, swizzles, gliding, snowplow stops, etc. We did one foot glides again, and this time it seemed much easier. She had us pull our foot up higher (next to our knee) than I was used to, but it actually helped with the balance. It was easier to put my left foot up than my right foot. We skated backwards doing wiggled and backward swizzles which were actually pretty easy at first, but then it was more difficult as I lost momentum. Of course she only noticed me when I started struggling with them. I was leaning too far forward at the point and I needed to shift my weight right over my hip. She said to bend your knees then straighten them. I'm still confused hah. Then it got to the fun stuff! Spins!!!! She had us march in a circle counterclockwise with our arms out and then pull our arms in which gives you momentum and causes you to spin on your toes. I actually was able to spin around a couple times! Then, she told us to shift our weight to our right leg while the left foot is poised on the toe. She had us put our arms to the right as if we were swinging a baseball bat and then swing it to left which would spin you around counterclockwise and you brought your arms in close. This worked for me at first, but then was so much more difficult as I became dizzy. At the close of the lesson we did crossovers, which everyone else seemed to know how to do somewhat.Coach didn't really go into depth about it with me, but it was basically us in a circle with our right arm on our back, left arm out to the side, and left foot crossing over the right foot. (W/out tripping). It's called front right/left crossovers. I think...hah. It's what you see when you see skaters on tv skating while crossing their feet in front of each other. I don't know..I'm probably not explaining it very well.

I just bought skates online which I'm very excited about because rental skates suck ass. I got don jackson classique's which should be coming in less than 2 weeks! http://www.skate-buys.com/donjaclgifis.html

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So, I haven't posted in this thing in forever but I wanted to start a new set of blogs now that I've started figure skating. I can't decide whether to just keep this thing or to start a whole new blog at a different site that has pictures and what not. Kind of something that's soley dedicated to my new hobby. I don't know ;/ Sooooooooooo. I started adult beginner's skating lessons this past month. Ever since I was a little girl I strived to be a famous competitive skater, but my mom never got me lessons because 1)she worked full time 2) it's incredibly expensive. It's a shame because it's one of those things that you look back on and wonder if you could have been really talented. Oh the what if's. I have about a million of those. So, after the whole olympic bonanza with sasha cohen and the ice skating season ended I decided to do some research into what local rinks had affordable lessons for such a late starter like myself. I settled on la jolla's ice rink because they have a year long program rather than the 12 or 8 week sessions that would end up costing close to $200. The one I picked is more expensive, but it's also for a longer period of time so I'll be able to advance more.

They have free try it lessons on Saturdays, so at the end of last month in April I dragged my best friend Robin to come with me. It was super fun and painful at the same time. While you learned pretty basic stuff, they give you these free rentals that are super cheap and kill your feet. I was in extreme pain after about 10 minutes. Oh well...pain is learning, right? We started off learning how to fall and getting back up again which was .....well duh...easy. Then, they had us "march" on the ice which I suppose was to get you to skate forward. I hadn't skated that much, so I wasn't that great but I definitely could march across the ice. Then, they had us do two foot glides which is basically skating....then...well gliding. Not doing much heh. Then came the one foot glide which presented itself to be much more challenging. I discovered that my balance wasn't that great. We switched from putting the right foot up to putting the left foot up, and I could leave my foot up for maybe a millisecond. Eek. We then learned how to do a snowplow stop which consisted of gliding then bending your knees before using your outer leg muscles to push out. This creates a spraying of the ice and a stopping of motion. I tried this, but then found myself on the ice when I forgot to bend my knees. Oh..they also taught us how to swizzle, which is hard to describe but looks like figure 8s w/out crossing your feet. Forward swizzles are verrry easy, but backward swizzles kill the muscles in my leg that I'm sure I have never used before. I think I tend to lean too forward as well. hmm I also learned how to wiggle backwards, which looks very much like doing the twist. We basically learned a lot from the free session, and I immediately signed up.

My 1rst real session was the next Saturday and was with a really cool coach who I'm going to call M. There was only one other person in the adult class and he looked like he was about 16. I'm 22 and I feel so old in the world of young skaters who start at the age of 3. What's wrong with this picture? The other skater was so naturally graceful and seemed as if he had already taken a couple classes. Goooooood way to make me feel embarrassed ;p M said that I had pretty good balance with my regular skating, but he said it got a little worse throughout the 1/2 hour lesson when I became more reserved and tentative. I started to lean back too much because I was trying to have really good posture. He said it's good to lean forward more because it's better to fall forward than backwards. He had me do forward and backward swizzles, and then he showed me the one foot snowplow which is basically stopping with one foot. (spraying the ice w/one foot). I was okay with it,and I felt like I had mastered it by the end of the lesson.

I went a a public session later in the week to practice the new stuff I had learned. It was Friday at 2pm,and I was surprised to find that there were only two other little girls getting a lesson in the whole rink. I stepped on the ice and was surprised to find that it felt like I had stepped on the ice for the very 1rst time. After five minutes I loosened up and it felt very natural again. I practiced the one foot snowplow stop and was very excited that I could do it very easily. My feet also didn't hurt much either. I tried doing the one foot glide, but while I could hold my foot up I didn't seem to want to stay in a straight line. I skated for about an hour until some girl came on the ice wearing her own skates and doing crossovers, so I got intimidated and left.

This is getting long, so it will be continued in the next entry.

ice skate

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My god I'm so excited!!! Sorry. I bought a 7' of aretha franklin last night, and it fucking ruuuuuuuuules. <3 It has two of my favorite songs on there.

I never loved a man ( ooooooh I can't sleep at nighttttt....)

Do right woman Do right man............so fucking great.

Both of those songs just prove how amazing her voice is, especially back in the day. What a talent.

And the piano in both of those songs...!!!! I love soul.

I'm so excited right now.

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Good lord I am not fond of this new way of updating. It's too big and distracting. Oooooh my first show was today, and it was a little bit awkward at first but I started to get the hang of it. It was fun times! My parents were even listening, and I got the opportunity to sound like a big geek. I messed up a numerous amount of times, but that is what learning is all about. Right? Right???????? It's definitely great to just be able to play whatever I want to play, and I'm super suuuuuuuper excited about exploring the library before my next shift next weekend. I'm planning on playing a lot more 60's soul/rock.....SO EXCITED.

I am tired....I am weary. <3 the banana

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hi hi hi. Oh lord what a crazy few weeks these past have been. It's around 2 in the morning, and I have absolutely no idea why I'm up. Besides the fact that I have to read a story for english.....oh school I love you. I got permanently hired by the offcampus bookstore that I've been working at it. I'm really relieved because I actually enjoy working there. This a first for me because I'm so used to hating everything while I'm working. I actually have........fun! It's great. I also am going to be doing a radio show at kcrlive.com on Saturdays from 4pm-6......so tune in bitches! You love me <3 I'll be taking requests/demos/all that fun crap. I'm really abnormally excited. I have all these ideas running through my head even though it's only for once a week. It's still great to me though.

I wrote a short story that was due Wednesday for my creative writing class. I think it actually turned out okay, but I'm just really nervous to get the comments back from my teacher. My respect level for him is extremely high, and I think I'll just be terribly dissapointed if he doens't like it. That's the way it always is with me and teachers. If I don't care about them or the class I don't put in any effort, but if I think highly of them then I get really nervous and self-concious about what I write.

We'll see...................
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yeah ahem..so I never really update this journal anymore because I mainly feel like I don't know most of the people on my friend's page. But I thought I would give it a shot anyway (Especially since Mike was thinking of taking me off of his friend's list). And this girl does NOT want to be shunned. No thank you. Ummm let's see....this summer has been relatively boring and crazy. I had surgery........quit Starbucks..........got hired at a near campus book store......went home to my Mom for about a week.......spent a lot of time thinking about life..........longed around a lot..........had a lot of fun with relatively new friends.....ect ect. School has started, and I'm both scared and excited about things. Everything has already gotten intense, but I'm trying to handle it the best way that I can. More importantly I'm just trying to change the way I think and run my life. I guess it's a somewhat slow process. Right now I should actually be doing more homework or taking a shower, but instead I'm writing in this thing. Ha that's exactly why I avoid this livejournal business most of the time. I always end up feeling guilty for not using my time wisely. (Although I usually spend it watching tv or procrastinating in other ways)

Anyhow, I hope all of you out in internerd land are doing well. This weekend was great, and this week is going to be rough. Woo.

I'll update soonish. Prooooooomise.
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Oh gosh I haven't updated in this thing in like a year and a half. Everytime I go to do it...I just get so lazy. Man oh man am I stressed out. I have my jury tomorrow (I have to sing in front of music faculty, which is basically my grade for the semester)...I think I'll do fine.....but I'm pushing this cold off. I had so much iced tea today I don't even want to think about it. It was yummy though. I can't wait for the summer.....It's going to be full of summer school (yippee)......work..........hopefully my new radio show (I applied a couple of weeks ago for campus radio)........playing music with the lovely robin....and so on and so forth. You all should hang with me. It's going to be great. I'm super pissed that I didn't get to go to coachella.....but eh what can you do. Shucks I need to and get dressed for someone else's recital tonight. Should be great................I'll be back with more. Promise.

p.s. I hate finals, but sparks is fabulous.

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