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strongwilled's Journal

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7 August
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I like to take walks.
311, alkaline trio, amy poehler, aretha franklin, audiovent, b movies, belle and sebastian, ben folds, bjork, blackalicious, blue velvet, blur, bright eyes, campfire girls, can't hardly wait, canoles, cantonese, cat power, catcher in the rye, catherine keener, che cafe, cheesecake, chris martin, chris parnell, coldplay, conor oberst, counterfit, creeper lagoon, damien rice, dana carvey, dancer in the dark, dancing, david bowie, death cab for cutie, drop your head, empire records, ewan mcgregor, f.scott fitzgerald, far, film, french stewart, frou frou, funny nose glasses, get up kids, ghostbusters, giovanni ribisi, glassjaw, gourds, hot water music, imperfection, italian soda, jack's broken heart, james taylor, jason lee, jason molina, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jerry minor, jew boys, jimmy eat world, joga, jonah matranga, jude, karate, karen o., ken kesey, kids in the hall, kill bill, knapsack, lip gloss, los angeles, manatees, mango, maya the dog, mia wallace's haircut, michelle branch, miso soup, mogwai, monday night bowling, moulin rouge, mullets, new end original, new order, new york, nofx, norm macdonald, office space, old 97's, onelinedrawing, open hand, orange soda, otis redding, ozma, pedro the lion, phantom planet, piebald, pinback, pinkerton, plumb, portishead, pretty girls make graves, pulp fiction, q and not u, quasi, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, radiohead, requiem for a dream, rhett miller, rival schools, save ferris, self, sex and the city, singing, six feet under, songs:ohia, soul, stephen chbosky, steve poltz, sunny day real estate, sushi, talking heads, the anniversary, the beatles, the committments, the irish, the juliana theory, the microphones, the rapture, the rocking horse winner, the sea and cake, the shins, the sugarcubes, the weakerthans, theatre, theprincessandthewarrior, tim mahoney, tirimisu, tom dicillo, tom tykwer, tool, tricky, troma, upright citizens brigade, van morrison, vent, weezer, wheat, x-files, yeah yeah yeahs

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